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If someone offers low prices, it is likely that this kind of cheapest service provides low quality, even plagiarized papers. Days and days went by until October came, and it was the day of departure. I had just finished a soccer game and a few days before I had put together a care package full of junk food.

I walked up to Madison, smelling like sweat. I handed Madison the exploding bag of junk food and gave her the tightest hug in the world and said our last good-byes forever.

My eyes danced across everything on the way home because I was so nervous. I was thinking to myself that saying our last good-byes was like Madison dying. I pulled up to my house, ran as fast as the wind to my comfy couch and cried until there was no water left to cry. I learned that it can be hard to have your best friend move away, but you can get over it after a while.

Although I can still see Madison on my computer, and I can still talk to her, it is still sad to think that my best friend moved so far away. After dinner, we went back to our hotel, which was awesome. It had bunk beds and two queen-sized beds, too.

There was also a pool. My dad and I were seated in a Chinese to-go box. It went round and round. It was so fun. Then it was time. I was waiting in line.

It was so long, and I had to wait in line while going up the stairs. Before we made it to the front of the line, the ride closed, but we received free first in line tickets.

An hour later, my dad and I went back to Disneyland. We got in line, I climbed into the roller coaster car, and took off into joy. It all started out at the Biltmore, the hotel Alyssa, Ashleigh, my brother Justin, my mom, my dad, and I stayed in. That night we walked in the gates of Great America. My brother, Ashleigh, and Alyssa begged me to ride the Demon. There was no avoiding it.

Just as I was about to get out of line and go back down, the ride came back for my turn. I stepped in the cart with Ashleigh. I gulped like a fish breathing. Please enjoy your ride! I slid down the first tunnel. I went up the huge hill the size of a skyscraper. One loop to the next, cork screw to cork screw, and then the ride was over, but I was bummed it had ended. When I got off the ride, I was so delighted I had finally ridden the Demon!

That night I went on all the rides I had never been on before. I rode the Demon, Vortex, and Flight Deck. Flight Deck was my favorite because it was the biggest ride at Great America.

I also loved it because it had the biggest drop. I love the big drops because the dropping sensation makes my stomach tickle. This had been no ordinary Great America trip. This had been life changing because I overcame one of my biggest fears.

It was the same town I had lived in for eight years of my life, but something was different. The air had a bitter taste, and the sky appeared thick with darkness. It was only a little before sunrise, but no birds were chirping.

Then I remembered it was February. I looked out the window, and though there was no snow, everything appeared glazed with frost. Resentful of the fact that I would have to scrape frost off the backpack hooks at school, I made my way downstairs. I picked up my backpack and grabbed my science book. Why did my backpack seem so much heavier? At school the halls were dark, like the sky.

Our cheap district refused to use electricity. So the halls were lit by skylights and missing walls. A trash can was supposed to be catching the drips, but some funny guy had kicked it over. Was it really that funny to watch empty soda cans fly down the hallway?

As usual, my teacher was not there. She was never at school before the five-minute bell. So why did I come early? My mom had to call upon the powers of every Greek god to get me out of bed.

I was a pretty deep sleeper; not even a sonic boom could stir me. I traveled down the hall to the lunchroom and sat down at a table by myself. I watched a group of kids sitting at a table in the back.

One of them was trying to climb the wall, and the others were cheering him on. A couple of kids sat down at the end of my table and started being all friendly and having a great time. The whole sight disgusted me, and I left the room. I almost forgot my science book. What would it matter?

My teacher still was not in her room. It went on like this day after day. I thought it was time for change, so I looked at other schools and found Old Adobe. I read the review and then convinced my mother to get me a school transfer.

It was a great choice because Old Adobe is a way different school. It is a friendly and supportive place. I am a responsible student and a role model to the younger students. He is like the runt in a family of pigs. He is also the cutest and tamest. Creak goes the top of the cage as I open it up and pick the lizard up. His smooth, white stomach rubs against my hand. He is perfect, just perfect I think in my head.

When we got home from the pet store, we still did not have a name for my beautiful, tan-colored lizard with spikes. How did you come up with that, Ian? The first week we had Spike, he barely ever saw his clean cage. My brothers and I treated spike like an angel. We were always playing with him. Spike was with us when we were reading, when we were watching movies in my family room on my comfortable black couch, and even when I was playing in my room.

The only time he saw his cage was at night. After a couple months, Spike started to become more of a chore. He was still fun to play with, but we had to feed him those brown, disgusting crickets. The crickets were ugly beasts. Luckily my mom helped me learn that having a pet is fun, but it is also a responsibility. She taught me how to make cleaning more exciting. I felt my mom was God giving me the best tip ever. Having my lizard taught me a lot about being respectful to things and about being responsible.

I also learned you have to do a lot of things you do not want to do in life. Lastly, I learned it is fun to have pet, and it is a lot of work, too. I could see the finish line, and I was first. I was almost there! I zipped past the finish line! It was a summer day; I was hanging out with my friend. I was so excited to go. I had been waiting for weeks.

It was a stunt bike. My face met the curb! I groaned and moaned, my vision was blurred, and there was blood on the curb. I quickly stood up. I could feel my whole body throbbing. My friend was only a few yards away, staring at me, eyes wide; mouth open. The mom grabbed my shoulders and walked me to the couch. Then the pain started. She tried to turn on the T. My mom was coming to pick me up. Nevertheless, it was a great day over all, I reflected, trying to stay on the positive side.

The doorbell woke me up. My mom walked in and picked me up. Although I was fine in the end, I refused to ride my bike for an entire year. With the passage of time, the memory of the pain faded, and I forgot about my fear. I had to learn how to ride my bike all over again. I shook with anticipation. I was going to witness one of my favorite artists, Joan Jett, play in concert. I had only heard her music on iTunes and my iPod before this.

I wondered what it would be like……loud…….. I started to join with them with awkward, excited yelps as she stared playing. The songs and sounds quivered in my ears. The crowds grew as loud as berserk monkeys the more she played. I was turning into one of them, one of the adoring fans.

It had all started that very morning when I found out I was going to the fair. I was as excited as a firecracker about to burst when I found out I was going to the fair.

I got to stay up late, go on cool rides, and see the Joan Jett concert. When we got to the fairgrounds, the colors gushed as the lights from the rides shimmered like the galaxy where the stars glow bright. This is a special evening. The stage glowed with emerald, hot pink, and fire red lights.

The crowds roared with excitement when she arrived: I even gave a few quick screeches myself. She was a black cat in a leather suit. Her guitar looked as though she was born with it strapped on. When she played, everyone was hypnotized when she danced around the stage, a magician playing super awesome songs.

That was my first concert ever! It was also the best I would ever witness because it was the most life-changing and boisterous. I learned live music rocks way more than recorded music, and that live music helped me find out how much I really adore Joan Jett. I told you we should get the dog! My dog was black as leather, white as snow, and soft as silk. My sister suggested that we name him Scraps after the dog in the Corpse Bride movie.

We both agreed, but later, my mom wanted to name him Simba from the Lion King movie. Luckily, we kept the name Scraps. My dog loves people. He knows how to give one paw or two, how to sit, how to roll over, and how to jump. He is also generous to small children. He watches everything from soccer to the news.

Scraps may even understand a little bit of English. He was with all of his brothers and sisters. I love my dog with all my heart and will never lose him from his safe place—my heart. I walk out of my door, ready to leave my house, but not ready to forget it. I bring my last box to the large moving van and then walk to the car. My whole family has bags, each with things to occupy us for the next few days. I look in my bag, and I see that my GameBoy is gone! I ask if anyone has seen it, and nobody in my family knows whether they have or not.

At the next rest stop we arrive at, I get out of my seat and look in the storage. I search there and under my seat. I only find a paper clip, one of my DS games, and some dirt. I can use the game, but the other things are useless. I am missing the game for a while, and that is able to occupy me for the day. A moment later, I see him just ahead, but there is a problem. The trailer hooked to his truck is wobbling about. I tell my mom right away, so she calls my dad to tell him.

After she finishes talking to him, my dad starts to pull over to the side of the road. Luckily, there is a large space where he went. My mom pulls the family car over, too, and she and my dad work to fix the problem. Then we are back on the road again. I am glad that I have helped to solve the problem, but I am still sad that my GameBoy was missing.

My dog and my grandpa struggled to save their lives. Two things happened last year when it was a school year. It was really important to me when they happened. When those horrible things occurred, it was a memorable time for me. It was a beautiful evening, but my dad came home, and he was unhappy. He told my brother and me what happened. My only grandpa had passed away. I went to the funeral the next day instead of to school. My grandpa wanted to be cremated. That next day my family and I put him in the ocean.

We also threw roses in the ocean. When we were coming back to shore, we saw a group of dolphins. Then something happened to my dog.

My mom called me and said my dog was going downhill. He was struggling badly because he was an old, old, old dog. The vet put him down. It was a memorable time and important to me when it occurred. It made me cry when those two things occurred because when they happened, it made me cry very badly. When those two sad days occurred, my family, my younger brother, and I all cried. Also, I realize that I am happy in life because it makes me feel special to have known my only grandpa and my dog, Moby.

I feel special and happy sometimes, but I do not always feel special and happy without my grandpa and my dog. When those things occurred, it made me cry because I was in deep pain and heart-broken. Ding went the bell. I walked to my line and waited. McClure opened the door, everybody dashed in and sat at their desks. I took out my piece of paper and numbered one to ten. My heart was beating as fast as a monkey going bananas in one second.

I finished spelling my last word, still nervous. Were we going to win our game? Or would we lose? While we drove, I took a nap. I dreamed of being at my soccer game, making a handful of goals, and everybody cheering for me. At the end of the game, we won all because of me. Then my mom woke me up, and we were home.

I put my uniform on my body and my shin guards on my legs. I poured water into my water bottle with some ice. In the car, I ate a snack to give me energy for my game. When we arrived to the field, I saw my team in blue and on the other side, I saw the other team in red. I got in line to pass. I passed to my teammate, and she scored. Then the referee blew the whistle. The game was about to start. I got in my position, and the referee blew the whistle to start the game. I went after the ball.

I was as fast as a race car. I keep dribbling towards the goal. I passed the defense and score a goal. Everybody cheered for me, especially my parents. The whistle blew again, but this time the other team got the ball and made a goal.

Then we scored a goal, but next, the other team scored again. Then there was only one more minute of the game left. The other team scored the winning goal. On the inside, I was as crushed as a dead fly. It is also about having fun. My friend Kennedy and I stormed out of our hotel room number! I saw men in their boxers and women in their gowns walking quickly down the jammed staircase.

Some people were very nice and guided us down the dark hallway, to the filthy cement staircase, and out underneath the pitch-dark night sky outside the enormous Marriott Hotel. Kennedy and I were so scared that we acted like we were trapped in a pitch-black room, and we had just seen a ghost for the first time, and there was no way to get out! Finally, out of the corner of our eyes, we saw a familiar face. We took off, sprinting towards her and we grabbed onto her with all our might, refusing to let go!

It turns out that the emergency was a fake. There was no fire, just some ridiculous and stupid boys who wanted to disturb and wake up people by pulling the fire alarm. Even so, we sat patiently in the hotel lobby like statues, waiting for approval to go back up to our hotel room. We were little confused puppies that were just taken away from their mother for the first time, anxious for reassurance.

I will never forget that one scary night where we were terrified and worried. It was an experience that I hope I will never have to go through again. I did learn the power of trust in a friendship. I know that in a scary situation my friend, Kennedy, will always be there for me, and I will always be there for her! Ever since I heard the non-exciting news, I had been an icicle, frozen with fear. The day I had to get braces, I was gloomy and very, very scared.

When I got to the orthodontist, I sat in a chair and waited for them to call my name. When the orthodontist said she was going to start putting the braces on, I breathed in and out trying to calm down. As she started putting a whole bunch of metal things into my mouth I was a robot being experimented on by a crazy scientist.

Soon enough, I felt like I had in the chair for one billion years before they were done. Finally, the orthodontist finished, and she handed me a mirror. I glanced at myself, and I looked like a robot full of braces. After I got them, my mouth felt so weird! Getting braces is not the worst moment I have experienced.

Even though I was nervous, I was kind of excited I got them. To start, you can start by writing about things that you like, such as sports, music, arts, books, even celebrities. In fact, it is even more advisable to start with baby steps like writing just a few paragraphs each day. If you can only write words or a single page each day, then you can start with this and work your way up to more pages as you go along.

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