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❶How is lake-effect snow formed? You need to sum up all the points in this good essay that you have been working on.

weather homework help

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What are Lenticular clouds? What is a wall cloud? What affects does deforestation have on the earth? What is the Ring of Fire? What is plate tectonics? What is a tsunami? What is a seismograph? What is an earthquake? What causes an earthquake? What is a fault? What is the difference between El Nino and La Nina?

Do flash floods hurt people? How much water is needed for your car to float away? What is a flash flood? What is a flood? What is a Dense Fog Advisory? How is fog formed? What are computer models and what do their abbreviations stand for? Could someone please explain what the term "rip-off" zone means? What are the lines and numbers on a surface map? How are long-term forecasts created beyond 10 days? What is a chroma-key? What is the difference between a Low pressure and a High pressure system?

What is an isobar? What is an occluded front? What is a stationary front? What is a warm front? What is a cold front? What is a gust front? How is hail made? Is there a difference between hail and sleet? How large does hail need to get before it drops to the ground from gravity? What is heat lightning? What is heat stroke?

What is heat index? What are dew points? What is relative humidity? Why does the West Coast not get hit by hurricanes When does hurricane season start? What is the Saffir-Simpson scale? What is storm surge? How many hurricanes appear in the Atlantic Basin per year? How does a hurricane get named? What are the differences between a hurricane and a typhoon?

How do hurricanes form? What is a hurricane? Is a car really a safe place to be when lightning strikes? Is it true that lightning never strikes the same place twice? What are blue jets? How hot is lightning? How do you know if lightning is nearby?

What is ball lightning? Is there a higher danger of getting struck by lightning if you are near a window? What color is lightning? What is a heat flash? What should I do when lightning is near? How does lightning form? What is a meteorologist? What is Probability of Precipitation?

How many inches would rain be if it were snow? How is freezing rain different than sleet? What is the water cycle? What is acid rain? What is freezing rain? How big are rain drops? How fast do raindrops fall? How does rain form? What is Dual-Pol Doppler Radar? What is Doppler Radar? How does a radar work? Where do you look for a rainbow? Can rainbows make a full circle?

Why are there sometimes two rainbows? Can a rainbow appear during the night? Does a rainbow look the same to everyone? Why on satellite images do some clouds appear white and brighter than others? What do satellite images indicate? What is Wind Shear?

What are straight-line winds? What is the difference between a watch and a warning? What does the Convective Outlook mean? What is a derecho? What is the primary weather tool a meteorologist uses during a severe weather situation? What are meteorologist referring to when they use the term, "instability"? What constitutes severe weather? How is snow formed? What is a solar eclipse? Why do I sometimes see a "ring" around the moon or sun? What is a "Sun Dog"? What are sun pillars?

What are crepuscular rays? How can you tell what time it is by looking at the sun? What is the sun made of? What is the UV index? Why is there more sunlight in the summer than in the winter? Why is the coolest part of the day typically just before sunrise?

Why is late January the coldest part of winter when the sun seems to be returning back into the northern hemisphere? What determines daily temperatures? How do you determine RealFeel temperature? What is wind chill? Many countries such as those in Asia and North America experience extreme winds and storms such as hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes.

These all have very strong winds which can knock buildings over and rip trees up from the ground. They can also cause flooding. Some countries, such as Brazil , Kenya and Indonisia experience extreme heat, where temperatures reach over degrees.

These countries have the Equator running through them and are closest to the sun. They have a tropical climate. People in these countries try to avoid the hottest parts of the day by staying indoors. Extreme temperatures like these can be very dangerous if people are outside for prolonged periods. Countries towards the north and south of the earth have a much colder climate. Parts of Russia and Greenland and parts of Canada are in the Polar Regions and experience a tundra climate.

They have long cold winters and their summers are pretty cold too. Weather stations are dotted all over the place on level ground that is away from trees, buildings and hills or mountains. They are a small area where special equipment is used to record the weather. Equipment includes rain gauges, anemometers, thermometers, barometers and sun gauges. We need to know what the weather is going to be each day so that we know what to wear.

On hot sunny days we wear cool light clothes, while on cold, rainy days we need more layers like jumpers and a waterproof coat. Weather is predicted using satellite images of the Earth and weather stations. Specially trained people called meteorologists use computers to help them predict what the weather will be over the next few hours and days. Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. How does weather differ around the world?

There are ten different types of cloud Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Altocumulus, Altostratus, Nimbostratus, Stratocumulus, Stratus, Cumulus, Cumulonimbus A lightning bolt can be hotter than the sun —30, degrees Celsius.

The energy in this could keep a lightbulb lit for 3 months! That was in It takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach the Earth from the sun The most rain to fall in a week ever recorded was 5 metres — enough to cover a lorry! It fell on Reunion Island in The average weather for a region is called its climate. There are five different classifications of climate: Human activity can affect the weather.

Pollution from factories and vehicles has led to what is called the greenhouse effect. This has gradually warmed the earth over the past few decades, causing some of the polar ice caps to start melting. It has also damaged the ozone layer which protects us from damaging UV rays from the sun.

We describe the direction of winds in terms of where they are coming from. A south westerly wind is blowing in from the south west. Clouds are formed when damp air moves upwards, then cools down. The clouds are made up of droplets of water or tiny bits of ice, which fall as rain or hail, or sleet or snow, when the air around the cloud warms up.

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Specially trained people called meteorologists use computers to help them predict what the weather will be over the next few hours and days. Words to know: Temperature – how hot or cold the air is. Weather Faqs And Homework Help Low 56F. Frequently asked questions about superfast broadband in South Yorkshire. Can be used for weather faqs and homework help follow up expository essay space order work, maybe during.

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