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It is true that dissertation and thesis writing is a time-consuming process that demands thorough analysis and special attention even to the tiniest details. Unfortunately, many students all around the world try to accomplish this complex project with no outside help and fail. In such case, professional dissertation help can come in handy. Our custom writing service is here to assist you, provide support during this important period of your life and help save your nerves and efforts. With solid grounding and exceptional academic careers, our experts know for sure how to prevent students from disappointment.

Trust our reputable writing service and successfully graduate from the University! We are proud of our team of writers who have a strong background in creating high-quality dissertation content for different subjects and formatting styles.

All of them are certified experts, so they freely use special critical thinking strategies to produce worthy dissertations.

Our custom writing service offers various benefits for our dear clients. For example, you have an excellent opportunity to:. Need urgent help from qualified dissertation writers? No doubt, you are at the right place to receive quick and efficient assistance. What do we need to meet all your requirements and create an outstanding paper that deserves only high grades? The topic of your project and some additional details, such as its length, citation style, deadline, etc.

After that, we will do our best to find a professional writer who is talented enough to cope with your dissertation in the best possible way. In addition to this, we specialize in thesis help, and our expertise is at the top-level. There is no need to worry about the quality of content. You can be certain — your dissertation or thesis will be well-researched, unique, and plagiarism-free.

We are one of the leading dissertation writing services in the industry, and we know what our customers are looking for. We are waiting for your call. All you need to do to order dissertation or any other type of academic paper at our professional custom writing service is to go through 4 easy steps:. Once the candidate passes a couple of difficult tests and an interview, he or she is taken on the staff. The next reason is the quality of dissertations.

Premium dissertation help services should guarantee two things: Without properly cited sources your work will be void. Well, as a last resort, they will have to wait one more year to apply for the Ph. Besides, the evaluation criteria are much more severe when it comes to this type of project.

We advise every student to hire experts whose services might be a bit more expensive but whose reputation has no doubts. Our dissertation writing services belong to this category. You can look through the feedbacks left by our loyal customers. Not only loyal customers get bonuses, however. The most celebrated name was Geoffrey Chaucer. His contributions in introducing the iambic pentameter line and the rhyming couplets were significant. Other than Chaucer no noticeable writers peeped in this age because majority of the works are by anonymous.

This era witnessed an array of transformations that changed the perspective of the world forever. The most prominent change was evident was the acceptance of science which had immense influence in the literary works of the imminent writers of that age. The major influences were the ideas of renaissance in the field of art, politics and religion. Greek and roman literature also heavily influenced the writers of this era.

This age has given birth to some profound writers that are bound to admire forever. The main aspect that distinguishes this age from other ages is the dominating influence of politics on literature. This is also called the age of Dryden as his contribution dominated this whole age. His satire and realistic approach was marvelous and his heroic couplets were spell-bounding. This age is etched in the history as the age of realism and also for its dry humor. Comedy of manners is the invention of this era which openly criticized the elites of the society and their mannerisms in a comic fashion.

Augustan age is also known as Neoclassical Age and the age of realism. Dryden was the connection between the restoration and Augustan period. His verse satires were highly appreciated by the poets who succeeded him.

The tone of the age was dominated by the wit and intellectual conceits. In the eighteenth century satire and parody were unrestricted popularized because prior to that there were fears of defamation.

The philosophy of empiricism was pioneered and mustered by John Locke which is clearly evident in his celebrated mock-heroic narrative poem, Rape of the Lock. This age is interlinks the Augustan age and romantic age. In this age the writers, authors and poets concentrated on the emotional and intellectual quotient in their writing.

These writings were intended to invoke emotions and get reaction on the distress or tenderness of the character in the readers. Sometimes they ignored the significance of flow of action and the plot in their writings. Some of the eminent writers were Oliver goldsmith, and Richard Brinsky Sheridan. Another major on this age was the French Revolution that dramatically changed the writing style of this age. Romanticism is a movement that witnessed the transformation of the artistic styles and practices particularly in paintings, music, and literature.

Romanticism focused on the emotional and imaginative inspiration and improvisation. The writers in this age were more concerned with religion and nature and their relation.

The poets immersed their writings in the description of the pristine nature and its beauty, and condemned the growing ugliness due to industrialization. Victorian age is the age that witnessed the exponential growth of the industrialism. This industrialism had transformed the social matrix which benefitted the middle class but adversely affected the lower class. This drastic change compelled the literary people to ponder upon and the writings of Dickens and Hardy were highly saturated with such evidences.

With the inception of the 20 th century it was considered as the Modern era. The canvas of its extent is huge, dynamic and diverse.

There were many writers emerged in this that were influenced by a diverse range of events that happened in and around the writers. With the advancement of science and technology people were growing conscious of the accuracy of what they were reading.

Both the world wars shook the grounds of humanity which largely reflected in the writings of that era. The impactful writers were D. Just the way you delved into the various ages and eras, through which the English literature evolved, we need to further delve into specific topic that you have finally decided. Only in this way you will be able to carry out all the steps in that are mentioned above to complete a dissertation.

The understanding of the structure of the dissertation is very important while writing the dissertation. Abstract is the brief description of the overall dissertation. It basically encapsulates the core idea of the dissertation. Brevity of words is the key to a crisp and succinct abstract that would act as the summary of the whole of the dissertation.

Abstract should outline the purpose of the research and explain the importance of the dissertation. In the acknowledgement page you thank all those people who provide help and support to let you complete the dissertation successfully. Some acknowledgments are small and are focused at thanking only a handful people. On the other hand there are acknowledgements that can continue to two or may be more pages.

Acknowledgements are not compulsory but it provides you the opportunity to be thankful of those people who have been instrumental in the successful accomplishment of your dissertation. Introduction again is a summary of the dissertation however it is an elaborated version of the abstract. As the name suggest the introduction is significant because it introduces the dissertation. It also helps to establish the context of the research. In the introduction the problem statement that is under consideration for the research is included.

It clearly states the research objective. It presents a clear and well defined outline of the dissertation. Methodology is designed to the course through the study is carried out. A good methodology is that incorporates various subheads that explain the various aspects in details. These subheads should explain the philosophy of the research. This section states the result that is derived by the methodology section. The result section clearly articulates all the raw data derived in the course of the research and does not ponder upon any interpretation.

Discussion section includes the detailed discussion of the research results in the context of the literature review. The discussion analyses whether the hypothesis stated at the being of the research have been met or not. All the evidences are analyzed and interpreted on the basis of the literature review and the methodology. In this section the whole research is summarized and states all the main findings of the research. It also tries to highlight the contribution of the research in particular field of study it was conducted.

Drawbacks and future recommendation are also included in this section. References list is formulated according to the particular reference style that has been recommended by the university. In the appendices section al the questionnaires, graphs, tables and other statistical representations are included.

Our experts have the capability to delivery dissertations from scratch. We have a squad of experts who are proficient in dissertations is a variety of subjects. They are experienced writers who can effectively deal with all sorts of subjects with equal ease and expertise. Our experts our equipped to proofread any dissertation based on any subject with equal precision and eloquence. Get your dissertation proofread by the experts.

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