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❶Racial and heritage stereotyping continued to dominate over the minds of majority especially in the South, the most conservative part of the country, where such shameful practice as segregation continued to take place.

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The integration crisis was a major event during the American civil rights movement. Earlier in , the Little Rock school board had voted to integrate their school system. It was not expected to meet too much resistance since Arkansas was considered a fairly progressive southern state. This case was solved only because of direct interference of the US president Eisenhower, who enforced federal courts to solve this issue and promote desegregation of public education.

From this point we see how the interests of the majority and the common right for integrated education was neglected by all-mighty local politicians in after war South, who exploited every politicval and public situation for personal ambitions. From the global point of view the Little Rock 9 case set a precedent for future in education and in public opinion of the nation: The Little Rock 9 prooved that from now on American justice was not a selective institution which treated different people differently but was equal and just.

But nevertheless the power of racial prejudies and stereotypes remained to be strong for long period. The Little Rock Nine case brought to the surface a lot of social and moral problems of Sothern society, where the majority of people remained to be as conservative as they were in the nineteenth century.

The legacy of prolonged slavery and the unfair treatment of African Americans remained to influnce public opinion and the nature of relations in the South. From one side the actions of local authorities in the Little Rock Nine case showed disrespect to the constitution and current legislature of the country and from another side they revealed unfair treatment of African Americans, whose fate and rights were once again used in political manipulations. None would argue that the problem of desegration and integration of school education was not solved immedeatly after the Little Rock Nine case, as desegregation policy continued to face passive resistence in the face of white population of the South.

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