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The comma may be omitted between independent clauses if a sentence is very short. Do not separate needed adjective clauses and participial phrases from the rest of the sentence. Introductory Elements - Place a comma after certain introductory elements. Long prepositional phrases or a succession of prepositional phrases. With short introductory prepositional phrases, the comma is optional.

Gerunds as objects of prepositions. Do not separate gerunds functioning as sentence subjects from the rest of the sentence. To test whether the introductory infinitive is adverbial, place "in order" in front of the infinitive.

Do you know what a compound predicate is? What about semicolons—where are they really supposed to go? And what was that dash thing in the last sentence? Margaret Benner created the site about ten years ago, working on her own to help people inside and outside the TU community become better, more efficient, more grammatically correct writers.

The retired director of the writing support program wrote the site herself. Since its inception, the site has fielded questions from the TU community and all over the world. Yes, that was a real question. Towson emphasizes research-based learning and practical application to ensure students get a valuable, well-rounded education.

In total, the University has six colleges:. At the doctorate level, students most commonly earned degrees in audiology and information technology. These costs are just estimates and do not include the costs of books and supplies. Twenty-seven percent of those dollars came from federal Pell grants. Forty-eight percent of all undergraduate students took out federal student loans that same year.

The school admitted 74 percent, and 31 percent of admitted applicants enrolled in classes. The Towson University acceptance rate that semester was 74 percent, which U. In fall , Towson University had 22, total students. Of those students, 19, were undergraduate students and 3, were graduate students. Of the undergraduate students, the majority, or 88 percent of students, attended classes full-time.

Just 12 percent of undergraduate students attended part-time. One percent of those students attended classes entirely online and 14 percent did so partially. Seventy-seven percent of undergraduate students at Towson came from within the state, and 88 percent were age 24 or younger.

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The Writing Center provides individual writing support to all members of the Towson community, including undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and staff members. We work with writers at any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to polishing a final draft.

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Towson Online Writing Services. towson online writing services Get custom content writing service from content development pros within 72 Online y term paper search Paper y essays online canadaDue to system upgrades, Towson Online Services (PeopleSoft) will be unavailable.m. This website was created by margaret. Towson University. All rights reserved. For educational purposes only. All commercial uses strictly prohibited. This website was created by Margaret L. Benner, .

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Online writing support towson university .. visit and select Tuition be done in writing to the Registrar’s office or online through Towson Online Services; Buy designer paper shopping bags essay writing service melbourne airport towson online writing services homework helper algebra 2. The Writing Center provides individual writing support to all members of the Towson University community, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, native English and second-language writers. Writing Center tutors work with writers at any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to polishing the final draft.