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❶Perform statistical analyses and report on experiment results. Order professional help and get.

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There is sort of an adversarial relationship between the student and their committee. The student often has trouble getting a straight answer from their committee in general, and specifically when it comes to questions about statistics. Most of my clients did not even realize statistical consultants existed. Their committee members are often slow to suggest hiring a statistical consultant and my client often just stumbles upon my web site while trying to find helpful information about statistics on the Internet.

Once a doctoral student discovers that there are statistical consultants out there, their concerns often become: The statistical consulting that I provide is very much a learning opportunity for the doctoral student.

I collaborate with my clients and explain statistics during the process. Once we are in agreement on these statistical considerations, then I write a written report detailing all of the statistical considerations that we collaborated on for your Dissertation Proposal.

Statistics Help for Your Dissertation If you are a doctoral student and you are working on your Dissertation Proposal or Results section, I am qualified to help you with the statistical aspects of your study and I am prepared to work to your schedule. Get Statistics Help Simply contact me by phone or email. I am generally available 7 days a week 9: Steve Creech or Email. When to Hire a Statistical Consultant I would like to emphasize that the sooner you start working with a statistician during the development of your proposal, the smoother things will go for you.

About Statisticians and Statistical Consulting A true statistician has a formal academic degree in statistics. Many doctoral level statisticians either work as professors or work in the pharmaceutical industry. I worked in academic medical research for 10 years before starting my own statistical consulting business.

Now, my fulltime job is providing statistical consulting services to doctoral students throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

You can read more about my credentials here. Quantitative research help for your Doctoral Dissertation The typical quantitative dissertation usually involves major use of statistics.

All of my clients are involved with either a mixed-methods or purely quantitative dissertation. Many of my clients come to me after they have already completed their introduction chapter and literature review chapter.

Some have started their methods chapter and then became stuck on the statistical aspects e. Some of my clients first come to me after their methods chapter has already been completed and approved by their committee and they have completed their data collection. Sometimes these clients have problems with the statistical considerations of their methods chapter, even though their methods chapter has been accepted by their committee. I then advise these clients of the problems and make suggestions for fixing the problems.

Once the statistical considerations of the methods chapter are properly written, approved by the committee, and the data collection has been completed, then the statistical consultation enters into the data analysis phase. Challenges facing Doctoral Students and how a Statistical consultant can help Many of my clients have a fulltime job and a family while they are trying to complete their dissertation. So they have a lot of time pressure and stress in their life.

They are often trying to meet a deadline to submit their Dissertation Proposal or Results chapter so time is usually of the essence to them.

They often feel totally lost when it comes to statistics. They usually have had a course in statistics several years ago and have since forgotten most of it. Dissertation Proposal Statistics Consultation When a doctoral student is working on their dissertation proposal, a qualified statistical consultant can advise and tutor the doctoral student with regards to matters such as their problem statement, purpose of the study, research questions, hypotheses, data analysis plan, sample size justification and more.

This helps the doctoral student refine their dissertation while enriching their understanding of statistics at the same time. This includes discussion of your research questions, hypotheses, quantitative descriptions of your independent and dependent variables, data analysis plan and power analysis to justify your sample size.

Once I deliver this report to you, you will receive unlimited email and phone support to ensure that you fully understand the information. Then, after you have integrated the information into your proposal, I will review your proposal to insure the integrity of the statistical information. Choosing the right statistic One of the purposes of the dissertation proposal is to make it clear to the committee that your research questions can actually be answered using statistics.

In other words, it is necessary to specify which statistic will be used to answer the research question.

The choice of which statistic to use depends upon how the question is stated and how the independent and dependent variables are measured. When you hire me to help you with the statistical aspects of your dissertation proposal, I will tutor you on the statistical concepts that will insure that your research questions and independent and dependent variables will lend themselves well to statistical analysis so that the proper statistic can be selected.

The data need to be formatted entered into the computer in a certain way in order to lend themselves well to statistical analysis. In many industries like marketing, research, financial services and medical or clinical research, statistics and data analysis are crucial.

This is true because of the inherent power of statistics in the analyzing of data. Statistics can also be essential to achieve extremely important growth and efficiency objectives. Because it is so important for businesses to use statistics to lead to meaningful results, interpretations and business decisions, the importance of statistics can not be overstated.

Unfortunately, sometimes businesses do not have the necessary skills to harness the power of statistics. This, however, is exactly where Statistical Analysis Help can help as Statistical Analysis help can assist with all aspects of statistics. Click here for Statistical Analysis Help. Statistical Analysis help is not limited to helping businesses, however. Statistical Analysis Help can play a pivotal role in any project involving statistics as Statistical Analysis Help produces high quality results regardless of the field or subject matter.

Statistical Analysis Help can give assistance as it provides statistical tools and advice. Additionally, Statistical Analysis Help is given by an expert who has the know-how to implement the crucial tools in a project. Statistical Analysis Help is given by a statistical analysis consultant who is able to step into diverse settings. The consultant can then evaluate the scenario and make recommendations based on numerous things like which methods are most suitable to data collection, how to analyze the results, and how to interpret the results.

Depending on what the client, business or student needs, Statistical Analysis Help can offer a vast array of services. All of these services will suit different goals and budgets. Statistical Analysis Help often occurs in an academic environment. This is true because students often need Statistical Analysis Help. Statistical Analysis Help, then, is valuable to any student in need of help with statistics.

This is often the case when students are working on their dissertations. Statistical Analysis Help can help students as well as faculty members.

Statistical Analysis Help, then, is given with the purpose of helping graduate students and faculty members who need any kind of help with statistical analysis.

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Statistical Analysis Help can offer a vast array of services. We are the country's leader in statistical analysis help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Fully demonstrate how to interpret and report each type of statistical procedure that we suggest and make sure you completely understand the rational for the selection of statistical analysis and how the statistics were run in statistical software.

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