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The prevalence of these postmodern promotional discourses within British society will now be analysed in relation to the looting during the London riots. It can be suggested that the postmodern occupation of advertising Mcrobbie creates promotional messages that have prominencewithin the social discourses of the UK. These needs and desires are satisfied through looting, if only for a short while, as commodifying discourse rarely produce an end point of complete satisfaction.

According to Mintel sportswear retailer advertising spend doubled compared with It can be argued that with such an increasingly large spend on advertising communications, sports retailer advertising was a sizable discourse, leading up to the August London riots.

Similarly to JD Sports, with such a large budget, Nike and Adidas constituted a sizable part of the sports brand discourses leading up to the London riots. Having grown up under this capitalist system, the rioters who looted arguably did not know any better. However, crime is a product of social conditions and as a substantial part of the UK social condition evolves consumerism, the looting is arguably a direct product of consumerism ibid This impulse to take anything desired relates to Jones who suggests that the looting reflected the intensive commodification of desires of an out-of-control consumerist ethos, fueled by the UK capitalist state.

Arguably, the pressures of the UK capitalist system was one of the many discourses that contributed to the London riots. But has exposure to the prevalent consumerist discourses of capitalism always played a part in other UK riots?

Chapter thee analyses this question with relation to the Brixton riots and begins to examine the media representation of rioters, using postmodern media theory. Chapter three begins by introducing and explaining the reasons behind the Brixton riots.

Finally, the community in Brixton snapped, on an April afternoon in , after police attempted to arrest a black mini-cab driver ibid The riots were largely fueled by strong racial tensions, which manifested between the police and ethnic minorities ibid Wheatle then compares the riots with However, DeLong argues that underlying political issues largely fueled the riots.

Firstly, the cuts employed by the Conservative party, resulting in 8 out of the 13 youth centers being shut down in Tottenham, the area where the riots broke out. Despite the tinderbox of underlying political issues and the trigger event, the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan ibid , which arguably predominantly fuelled the riots, the majority of the media attributed the London riots to amoral feral youths led by blind nihilism Angel ; Reicher and Stott The majority of televisual news coverage focused on the looting Reicher and Stott Rather than debating the possible reasons the riots broke out, simplistic and depoliticised explanations were employed ibid This was arguably to his advantage so that the riots were not linked to cuts employed by his government DeLong Reicher and Stott argue that the news media, the foremost media that individuals received information about the riots, are hungry for drama, in order to sell and attract attention to their news content.

Images of High Streets left intact will not gain attention but looted, ransacked and vandalised High Streets will ibid Chapter four begins by introducing the method of critical discourse analysis CDA. As CDA has no specific research direction Wodak and Meyer , a framework based on the socio-historical principles outlined by Wodak and Weiss is followed for the analysis.

I will be conducting a top down Van Dijk socio-historical critical discourse analysis which explores how specific media discourse structures are deployed in the re production of social power and dominance Wodak and Weiss A popular approach to critical discourse analysis and one which I will be adopting, involves examining news media Van Dijk This is particularly fruitful; as the news media has undeniable power in terms of shaping the way we see the world, each other and ourselves in postmodern society ibid This relevance is prevalent within my CDA as it will be conducted on discourses concerning the recent London riots.

Although I cannot claim that my analysis will contribute to large-scale social change, it is hoped that, on a small-scale, I will contribute interesting and original insights, which can be developed in future studies. Van Dijk writes that CDA researchers should detail their research expectations from the outset. The events of the riots which are permitted in the discourse, focus on criminal acts without discussing the possible causes,. Throughout the discourse, access and control remains exclusively with the writer and editor Van Dijk who do not allow the object of the discourse, the rioters, a voice and subject them to their depoliticising discourse.

Much blame was placed on capitalism, advertising and the media for fuelling an acquisitional culture. However, this exploration was not of significant depth. The use of direct quotes means that access and control over the discourse is not exclusive, as the rioters voices are heard, influencing how they and their actions are represented.

Access and control remained exclusively with writer and the editor. By framing the rioters in negative manner the discourse serves to manage the social representations of the rioters and contribute to their feelings of social inequality Van Dijk ; Reicher and Stott ; The Guardian Furthermore, rioters had access to the discourse though the use of direct quotes, which addressed the social and political reasons for the looting; this was however, not in significant depth.

This re produces social inequality, as the power to decide the final discourse structure lies with the media elite and not those whom the discourse represents Van Dijk Although I understand the importance of media discourses I do not take them for granted and understand that they are superficial.

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