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In peer-reviewed articles, authors must give credit to this previous research, through citations and references. Not only does this show clearly where the current research came from, it also helps readers understand … Read the full story.

When people search through articles on ScienceDirect, they may look at the table of contents of a journal or use the search function to find relevant articles. The title should tell them whether the article could be of interest, but to find out more they have to click through to see the abstract.

As an … Read the full story. Egyptian philosophers and stargazers told stories in hieroglyphs. Aristotle and Plato wrote books in Greek, which were then translated into Arabic by their followers. As the centuries passed, language evolved: Apostrophe use differs depending on the language. In Dutch, for example, apostrophes are used for plurals: But in English, the apostrophes in these words would indicate possession: If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?

Bhaskar, Chief Illustrations Advisor for Elsevier Illustrations can bring your paper to life, often showing concepts you want to express more vividly than using words alone.

The Elsevier Publishing Campus was launched in April and has proven to be a great free resource to researchers all over the world. Whether you are looking for advice and training on getting published or advancing your career in science there is something for you.

Some of the questions Publishing Campus can help you … Read the full story. Today, the international language of science is English. But with as many as 7, languages spoken around the world, millions of researchers do their work and communicate about it in languages other than English. If English is not your first language, it could be that you talk to your colleagues about your research in your … Read the full story.

Elsevier Analytical Services were proud to recently unveil the World of Research if you missed it, you can watch the launch webinar recording or see the presentation. The book provides a … Read the full story. When you submit your manuscript to a journal, it may be checked by a Managing Editor against these criteria for desk rejection — including poor language.

So how can you make sure your manuscript meets the language requirements to sail through the first stage of checking? When you get into the flow of writing it can be easy to slip into a comfortable style, moving you away from your target audience.

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Disclaimer: Use of this service is not mandatory for publication in an Elsevier journal and does not guarantee peer review, acceptance or preference for publication in an Elsevier journal or any other publication. You are not obliged to submit your manuscript to any Elsevier journal by using this service.

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Elsevier's Language Services cover English Language Editing, Language Editing Plus and Translation Services. Elsevier is committed to the highest .

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Language Editing Plus This option goes a step further than our existing English Language Editing service by providing you with the most advanced language editing package available. In addition to copy editing by native English speaking PhD candidates selected according to your field of study, Language Editing Plus also includes. If English is not your native language, your manuscripts could be rejected for non-scientific reasons. Clear and concise language helps editors and reviewers focus on the content and the science. Via the Webshop, Elsevier offers English language editing and translations services of the highest.

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The Language Editing articles contains editing tips, proofreading tips and techniques, and other information that may be useful to medical and scientific authors. Ensure that your work is written in correct scientific English. Elsevier’s English Language Editing Service will handle the language editing and make sure that your paper is free of grammatical, spelling, and other common errors before submission.