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❶In fact, this might be the most-played card in the whole format.


Back in the black summer of , however, Karma was as a great way to punish those damned Necropotence players. Spirit Link has become a white staple at this point, appearing in every base set from the Fourth Edition set onward. What better way to hose red than to beat them at their own game? Unlike the upkeep-inducing Justice , Honorable Passage allows for maximum versatility: Nothing says "thank you, sir, may I have another?

This threshold-enabled Crusade -variant graduated from madness-based Odyssey Block Constructed decks to nonmadness white weenie decks during the Extended season. On the surface, this enchantment seems more annoying than potent: Because phasing occurs at the beginning of the untap stage, several savvy players developed decks that combined the two, allowing cards to be phased out "permanently.

One of the essential elements of a combo deck is a way to get the combo through against countermagic. Shadow creatures usually ended up breaking the mana curve because Wizards costed them as if shadow were a drawback, not a massively useful evasion ability. Two white Tempest shadow creatures saw far more play than the others: The Monk rates lower on the list because he can be more easily killed by the color he is designed to hose.

For four mana, you gain at most 14 life in a normal situation. On the other hand, tapping out to gain 14 life on turn four against a Sligh deck might as well be game over in most instances. The weaker half of the Replenish - Opalescence combo, nevertheless this card terrorized the Extended and Standard scene for long enough. How did this deck work? Use Attunement to fill the graveyard with enchantments, bring them all back into play with one fell swoop using Replenish , and have one of them be Opalescence so you can attack for twenty the following turn.

The white River Boa? While Spectral Lynx never reached the height of popularity of the Visions creature, the similarities are undeniable.

Whether in black-green-white decks, which pack Pernicious Deed , black-blue-white "Fiends" decks of the recent Extended season, or black-white Desolation Angel decks in Standard, the Lynx stood as a formidable creature to deal with. Rejoice all ye masses, for the White Knight has returned in time for the Onslaught block! Back in the day, the White Knight had to contend for playing time with other similar Knight-like choices more on these below.

Could there be a card that punishes most styles of black decks more? As long as people play with black creatures, their opponents will be ready with Light of Day. More like fresh manure. Might as well be book holders. Together with Order of Leitbur which finished one place higher , these two pump Knights formed the backbone of the White Weenie deck for years.

While White Knight might have built-in first strike and one more point of toughness, the pump Knights make up for this by having much more staying power in the mid to late game. See Order of the White Shield. The only reason Order of Leitbur finishes higher than Order of the White Shield is because of its creature type. You see, for some reason Wizards printed the Order of Leitbur as a Cleric. As of the Onslaught set, there are more cards that work with Clerics than work with Knights.

Aura of Silence started out being a sideboard card that people gradually graduated to the main deck. The best shadow creature in the Magic game, hands down.

While black has some really good beaters, none have held a candle to the havoc this pro-red guy has wrecked on red decks for years. Sligh decks are generally considered the watershed markers against which the speed of all other decks are measured. Soltari Priest aided by Empyrial Armor often outraced the turn-four kills most Sligh decks can put up. Mox Diamond , plains, Soltari Priest 5 cards in hand Turn two: Plains, Empyrial Armor , and the Priest attacks for 5 14 life for your opponent, 4 cards in your hand Turn three: Tithe for two plains and attack for 8 6 life, 6 cards in hand Turn four: Attack for 9 extend hand, good game.

Blinding Angel did it. It, of course, refers to denying your opponent an attack phase at a reasonable cost. While Flametongue Kavu discouraged players from playing this flier, it revitalized the white-blue control archetype that had been all but abandoned for years. Abeyance forced Wizards issue some hasty errata.

Abeyance as it was originally printed prevented your opponent from tapping lands for mana! Players thrilled at a two-mana cantrip Time Walk for a brief period. The highest-ranking color hoser on this list -- and the most enduring of all.

Why does Circle of Protection: Red end up on this list while the other four do not? Against green, Wrath of God will often suffice. Light of Day shuts down a good number of black decks. White seems rather weak against a color designed to destroy enchantments, and many blue decks can take complete control of the game before leisurely bouncing a Circle of Protection: This leaves Circle of Protection: Red , which serves the double duty of stopping both red creatures and burn spells.

Waylay saw extremely brief play at U. Nationals in , and with good reason: Dubbed "White Lightning" due to its newfound similarity to Ball Lightning , Waylay was issued quick errata that allowed it to be cast only during the combat phase. None come close to matching the power and simplicity of the original: A mini- Land Tax with one advantage: While it could only at most garner two-for-one card advantage, this often was enough to fuel three-color, base-white decks such as the oddly named "PT Junk" and "PT Jank" decks.

Because of rules issues, this card should never have seen print. With that said, the ability to shut down and minimize every single creature in the game is nothing to scoff at. While not as efficient as the most played Incarnation Wonder , this Judgment creature comes in a close second.

Suddenly, your creatures gain invulnerability to targeted removal, death via damage, and blockers. Glory would be playable if it gave only a single creature protection until end of turn. That it gives all your creatures protection pushes it over the top. While Blinding Angel might have heralded the return of white-blue control decks, Mageta the Lion pushed them over the top.

Wrath of God finished number eight on this list, so you might ask why a reusable Wrath would finish lower? As a defensive card, it also shines: A staple of Rebel, white weenie, and replenish decks. Talk about a single-target Glory , I present Mother of Runes. Many decks just plain rolled over and died to a first-turn Mom. Immediately, creature removal, blocking, and attacking became virtually hopeless affairs.

While eminently vulnerable to daddy Masticore , Mother of Runes gave a huge bang for the white buck. Brian Weissman developed a deck known simply as "The Deck," which generally is considered the first coherent control deck of all time. It revolves around control -- card advantage and tempo advantage -- and Serra Angel played the double duty of offense and defense each turn. Yes, Exalted Angel finishes higher than dusty, ancient Serra Angel.

A reworking of the virtually unplayed Warrior Angel from the Stronghold set, the Exalted one hits the board turn three, starts swinging for an 8 life differential each turn starting turn four, and ends the game shortly thereafter. Want to live forever? Try out Worship , which ties your immortality to the continued existence of your creatures. Ali from Cairo died too easily as a four-mana creature, but Worship turns every single one of your creatures into Ali from Cairo.

This card might as well say, "as long as you control a creature, you cannot lose the game. The newest white power card on the block, Astral Slide so far stands out as the frontrunner in the "best Onslaught card" contest.

While Enduring Renewal never ended up being used beyond this type of deck, it was good enough to dominate more than one Extended season. Arguably the best enchant creature in Magic history. If this list were about Draft, this card would make a strong argument for number one.

Even at smaller number, Empyrial Armor breaks the curve. The best offensive one-drop creature in Magic history, hands down. With that said, the ability to tutor virtually any creature out of your deck every turn for the entire game starting on turn four, at instant speed, is just plain nuts. Rebel decks often just dropped down Lin Sivvi and then never cast another spell the entire game, instead building up their forces and mana base turn after turn.

The Mirage set introduced three tutors to the world: Mystical, Worldly, and Enlightened. Of these, only Worldly has failed to see much play. Enlightened Tutor became the backbone for many combo-based decks because it could fetch most pieces of combo-based engines, including at various times Aluren , Enduring Renewal , Opalescence , Cadaverous Bloom , Pattern of Rebirth , Icy Manipulator , and Winter Orb. What difference does one mana make?

Thalia slows down control, frustrates combo, and allows you to attack or block with a fairly efficient creature in the meantime. Pair your white with a little bit of black and suddenly you have access to one of the most efficient creature generators in the game. My favorite counterspell of all time. Blue decks have to win the game eventually, and Delver of Secrets provides an easy-to-cast win condition for spell-heavy decks. For best results, combine with Young Pyromancer and a whole bunch of instants and sorceries.

Like Delver of Secrets , Vendilion Clique is good in traditional control decks as well as the more tempo-based brews. Need to build up your board while continuing to draw cards? Dark Confidant is what you want. Triggering revolt is particularly easy in this format thanks to the prevalence of fetch lands. Lightning Bolt has been amazing in every format where it has ever been legal, and Modern is no exception.

In fact, this might be the most-played card in the whole format. Most Modern mana bases have a lot of nonbasic lands, which means that a well-timed Blood Moon can lock your opponent out of the game entirely. Just make sure that your own mana base is ready to take advantage of the opportunity! Throw in Eidolon of the Great Revel and your opponent will barely have time to breathe. Primarily used alongside Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in combo decks, Primeval Titan is powerful enough to show up in the current iterations of Amulet Bloom as well.

Graveyard decks are very powerful at the moment, and this is one of the best ways to stop them. A must-play in any deck with green mana and colorless cards. A fantastic catch-all sideboard card that can protect your key creatures, deflect removal spells, and even prevent your opponents from using pump spells. Much like Blood Moon , a well-placed Chalice can completely lock some decks out of the game.

Engineered Explosives gives blue access to mass removal, can wipe out an entire board full of tokens for just two mana, gives control decks an answer to Blood Moon , and so much more. If you can get to seven mana, Karn Liberated is probably going to take over the game. Removal attached to a powerful win condition?

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Order Model n Talent Inc Resume Card, Casting Card and ID Card Model & Talent Inc. Templates - Model Shop Prints - Model Select Agency (Resume Card, Casting Card and ID Card) Links: Upload three color images Click here + A live proof will be made ready for review the same day. Megamorph (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for. Turn it face up any time for its megamorph cost and put a +1/+1 counter on it.) Destroy target permanent of the chosen color. Pillar of Light (3) Instant Exile target creature with toughness 4 or greater.