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❶Also, his exams are open notes. The team is honest, very easy to work with, and the pricing is a flat rate that most competitors have a hard time matching.

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21 Massachusetts Towns & Cities That Are Bigger Dumps Than Worcester
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Or log in with. Fill out the form below to request a demo. Paper-based Assignment Programming Project. Question and rubric courtesy of Phill Conrad. Question and rubric courtesy of Kenneth Walsh. Question and rubric courtesy of Brendan Kelly.

Question and rubric courtesy of Pete Marsden. Question and rubric courtesy of Jordan Moberg-Parker. Question and rubric courtesy of Mattan Erez. Question and rubric courtesy of Ray Hawkins. Use Your Existing Assignments No need to alter your assignments.

Grade paper-based, digital, and code assignments in half the time. Give detailed feedback while maintaining consistency with a flexible rubric. Send grades to students with a click or export them to your own gradebook. Get per-question and per-rubric statistics to understand how your students are doing. Students upload PDFs or photos of their work. We support variable-length assignments.

Easily manage code submissions. Students can submit from Github and Bitbucket. Provide immediate feedback with your autograder. You can also manually grade code with inline comments. Quick, Flexible Grading Apply detailed feedback with just one click. Make rubric changes that apply to previously graded work. The ease of applying a consistent grading scheme with detailed feedback applying a consistent grading scheme with detailed feedback was the most useful feature.

I was also impressed with how easy it is to set up assignments for grading. Just used Gradescope for a midterm exam which had several essay questions. Gain Valuable Insight See question and rubric-level statistics to better understand what your students know. Easily export grades and data. The statistics really help me understand what I can teach differently help me understand what I can teach differently next time to help my students learn better.

The best thing is having the scoring details inline. Some props may be used to make poses sustainable. The Mandala is a symmetrical design that is found in nature, architecture, traditions and other forms of art.

Making a Mandala by using the abundance of natural materials supplied by Mother Nature reminds us of the infinite beauty that surrounds us in every moment and the inherent beauty of our everyday.

Together, we will create and use the Mandala as a form of meditation, self-expression, and personal journey. Come see what unfolds within the symmetry of our circle. No prior art experience is necessary just an open mind! Sunday, September 23, Zef is a well known tattoo artist, shamanic journeyer and yoga teacher.

Pam is an watercolor artist, graphic designer and yoga teacher. Be prepared to engage with your most expansive Self. Open to all levels! As a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner for many years, Natasha is equally captivated by the precision of the Iyengar system. These two traditions inform her teaching, creating a mindful and dynamic blend of Vinyasa Flow. Over the past twenty years, she has refined a method of teaching that empowers students to make profound connections between the alignment of the body and the mind, the physical and the spiritual.

In this weekend workshop you will learn the foundations of meditation practice, learn about and experience the benefits of meditation, receive an overview of the Buddhist path and stages of practice, as well as move toward helping others with their meditation practice and personal journey.

Open to all levels. David teaches meditation workshops and teacher training programs online and around the world. David is also an Emmy winning, Grammy nominated composer, guitarist and producer. Check for more info: Intro to Shamanic Journeying:

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After years, Girls Inc. of Worcester continues to inspire all girls to be strong (healthy), smart (educated), and bold (independent). We put our mission into practice through the Girls Inc. Experience- consisting of the people, place and programming that together, empower girls to succeed. As the oldest and only facility-based, girl-centered organization in Central Massachusetts, the Girls.

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Rating and reviews for Professor Vadim Yakovlev from Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA United States.

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Related Information: Educator Evaluation Rubric The mission of Seven Hills Charter Public School is to prepare a diverse cross-section of Worcester children for. WPI is a community where learning and living go hand-in-hand. Our residential halls and dining facilities are more than just places to sleep and eat––they provide opportunities to study, work on a group project, pursue interests, get involved, unwind, make new friends, and have fun.

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The Flow: Asana Families, Shape and Study & Sequencing with Theresa Murphy. After-School/Teen Program Philosophy Our program fosters an appreciation of self, others and the world around us by providing a variety of activities which stimulate a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Self motivated learning through discovery, exploration and hands-on involvement, coupled with many opportunities for making choices, allow for children’s.