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❶Disillusioned, unmotivated, and so very torn about staying or leaving.

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Check out HeadHeartHand Blog. Thank you so much for posting this. I am currently still working on my undergraduate degree after taking ten years off to galavant up and down the East Coast and make my resume look questionable and even now I struggle.

This semester has been particularly hard on me—so much so that I sought out psychiatric intervention. I think a lot of it has to do with external issues I face. I have realized that my batteries need recharging frequently and those little moments early in the morning before everyone else wakes up and before I have to be in class are what help keep me going.

Thanks for posting this. I very much enjoy the PhD and the research process, even though I found myself having to struggle with learning a lot of things on my own, with minimal help from the supervisors. But, that is part of my learning journey that I appreciate. Just imagine having to deal with someone in their thirties who comment on how others dress. Some even think others are dumb. I miss the kind of collegiate PhD environment my friends in the US have described to me, with peers who offer support and constructive comments.

Yes — I think we have a way to go in some places. My way of dealing with that stuff is just to act the way I expect from others. I myself am doing a PhD in aerospace engineering and currently half way through my second year. What is a girl to do? Or do I drop out, end up working full time in retail no doubt and start another expensive career path into the world of biology adding to my debt but hopefully doing something I enjoy. A third way, perhaps, is to finish and see how you can use your engineering skills in the field of biology.

Most people I know do not work in the topic, or the field, in which they did their PhD. Mine was about hand gestures! A phd is not destiny. Thanks for your reply. The field I want to work in unfortunately requires a minimum of an undergrad degree in biology and I only have an a-level. I LOVE that phrase: I am submitting in a week and a half and have been freaking out about job prospects for the past six months. Hey, Strange posting as it almost seems to be encouraging giving up rather than figuring out a way forward with the commitment made.

Which, considering as places are competitive and other students will have lost out to make way for the PhD student in question, seems a little churlish and selfish. Being a bit demotivated for a while is NOT a good enough reason to quit when others have invested in you already. Everyone experiences that, and especially, earlier on, before things start working better.

Personally, I could have quit about times in the first 2 years; but then suddenly all the lightbulbs came on most of them around 3 months before the end when the pressure brought out the best in me ; and I never looked back. I would say the exact opposite of this article; it pays to stick with things or else you can easily become a serial giver-upper on everything, whether a degree course, a job, a family, or whatever else. Sometimes it really is better for the individual to bail.

Where exactly does the obligation to stay in the program come from? When you take up a post, people choose you over others and they provide you with funding and training. Further, leaving the program gives someone else an opportunity to take your place. Something must have gone wrong there…. I would say if you spend 1 or 2 years and make no progress, you can seriously consider whether you want to continue.

My attitude towards quitting the PhD is this: However, imagine an alternative scenario. Let us assume that you have succeeded against all odds.

Imagine what sense of pride and self-accomplishment would that give to you in everyday life knowing that you have succeeded in every endeavour you have taken. I really believe there is a price tag on quitting the PhD in terms of self-esteem and bruised ego.

Therefore, I am heartfully against quitting PhD although there are cases when quitting PhD is better than going on for example family comes first to me. What sucks at my school is that despite my completion I am not formally an ABD. I left in good academic standing and with amazing relations with my faculty. Many felt bad that they advised me to ride out the comp process. I was a meaningful member of my department, sat on hiring, journal committees and TAed.

My research also benefited the school. Some people have suggested that I erase it, as it will scare away employers. I am also not sure as to what level of work I now qualify for. Does anyone have advice on this matter? That sounds like a career conundrum and a half. I hear similar stories often enough that I think faculty need to be more careful in how they advise prospective students.

This blog is good: As for other options… I suppose it really depends on what you want to do with your life. If you need to repair finances, the public service particularily policy work or communications is an area to consider — in many cases grad school is looked on favourably.

I have found this site http: Thank you very much. I am just done with it. This institution which to be fair is meant to churn out academics does not do enough to prepare people for non-academic work- which is why i left. Like many of the people who have posted I am having serious thoughts about quitting and am wondering what to do. I have changed discipline from history to sociology without even a GCSE in sociology so am really struggling with the academic work that follows from this major change.

The other thing that has happened is that Mum is terminally ill with bone cancer. Has anyone got any advice? I have no other advice than to be kind to yourself and, perhaps, have a talk with the counsellor at your Uni.

They have helped many students through these kinds of situations and will not doubt provide a great sounding board to talk through this kind of decision.

I have been debating whether this PhD caper is really for me. But when I think about the great people I have met, and the great conversations I have with my peers on related research topics, I realise that I really do enjoy it.

I think the thing that makes me feel unhappy is my main supervisor. That seems to be the source of my misery. So, caught between a rock and a hard place.

I am also thinking about quitting. I am miserable and make no progress day to day. I surf the web, play games, put off going to the lab, then justify making 2 plots as a full day of work.

But, I am in my 7th year and that is a lot of time. My adviser in general is pretty good and attentive and encourages a life outside the program. However, I feel like he has lost faith in me and is just waiting for me to make this choice. I wish the culture allowed a conversation like this without us both feeling like a failure.

My first project failed and I wrote it up for my funders then started another. It was after that first failure, reasons known and based in a physical problem, that I started something new, in part to prevent burnout. But I am burnt out and a 2 month task is now on 7 because I just have no ambition. I am trying to write this task as a chapter and am getting nowhere. Now I am writing it up as a chapter but in my writing trying to make it its own thesis. Mentally my depression is flaring and even making me sick of where I live, despite formerly loving it.

I had three reasons to go to grad school, some better than others. The first I have reasonably achieved, the second has pretty much no prospect due to the economy. That field is small and shrinking fast. If it comes back the real-world experience would be just as good as a PhD. The third enjoying academic research is no longer true and I cannot see myself following that path.

How do I tell people from my parents to my adviser? Should I find a job before I leave if I do want to stay in the field? How to include this on your resume? Where does this leave you in job posting qualifications? How to spin this positively when applying for jobs when you feel like a quitter?

It sounds like you have done a lot of thinking and are in a good position to discuss it with the people who matter. I wish you all the best and will try to find someone to write a post phd post — someone who has had that experience themselves. Funnily enough, the only person I know who was doing a PhD on attrition ended up quitting herself! Lovitts dropped out of 2 PhD programs and finished her third, in sociology.

Her thesis was in attrition from PhD programs and it was published as a book, Leaving the Ivory Tower. I am in a similar situation. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and did very well. I am in the 4th year writing and analyses phase. I am thinking of quitting. For me, this is very painful to even think.. My supervisor is so unrealistic and very mean. Her deadlines are unrealistic. Instead of enjoying the learning process, I am in complete fear of rushing, which is not good. It is pretty hard to deal with her.

I have planned so much after and want to work in the field and bring about changes in my country. I am also seeing a psychiatrist and she is very helpful. At times, I think I should take a leave of absence and complete successfully without her pressure. But I am so lost now…!!

Its both reassuring and abit worrying for me to read all these comments but I hope all those that made their decision to leave felt like they had done the correct thing and are happy now!

As far as my situation goes I am nearing 5 months into my phd which I went into straight after completing my research masters before I had my result even.

This may sound like a rushed decision but I really love research and knew that I was doing good work and wanted to keep the ball rolling. Trouble is I was given a studentship without being given a topic or predetermined project, this includes not even the vaguest plan from my supervisory team. I admit I was well aware of this but thought that there would be some support in deriving a topic and plan, i.

However I now find myself still without a defined topic or plan, not for want of trying. Previous comments in this thread really struck home with me; about the responsibilities of supervisors to be more than funding allocators! To be quite honest I feel like I have made a massive mistake and it is becoming clear that really I am there because they had extra funding they did not want to loose. I am a homeless unsupported student and this is really affecting me.

I have made little tangible progress and actually envy the situation of my peers who started at the same time who at least have project which their supervisors have put some time into. I am clear about the realities of research and of conducting a phd but i really do feel like iv made the position much harder for myself in a field that is tbh rather overdone.

I think leaving may be best so I can take a break and work out the right area for me in a department that is supportive and where my research will have a relevance. One day I was approached by proffesor asking me if I would enroll in MPhil and I was thinking why not. Because of my experience before the PhD, I enjoyed huge respect among supervisors and other professors. My point is, press your supervisors to do something and make them give you clear goals and topic.

If not, bring the problem to higher instance and please be persistent. You will see how the attitude changes with time. Your comment is literally my situation right now; are we in the same group?!

Ten times each day I think about quitting and my anxiety is making me miserable. Just wondering what you ended up doing and how you feel now? Do you have any advice on what I should do? Wow funny to be reading this comment now. I found the email notification in my junk folder. Really happy to be able to share my experience with you though as I know how difficult it is and lonely you must be feeling right now.

Not long after I wrote that post I went to see my doctor, I had got to the point where I realised I had a bad bout of depression, clinical. I got dosed up with fluoxitine and continued on for a few weeks despite the nausea. Eventually though I ended up going home weeks turned to months and by august it became clear to all parties I was not going back. The supervisor knew my position and was actually very respectful. I did string things out tho!

That was a weird time but I really did in wind down a lot. I think my issues were not entirely PhD related. So I accepted I needed time and space. Febuaey following year I got a job at a university, worked for 6 months semi enjoyed it. I know what a glutton for punishment! One thing I will say is it is probably quite rare to have a really defined project awaiting you.

The real process of a PhD is the difficult process of planning. Its hard but I have a better knowledge of myself and the process. Who knows I may have another down period but I am in a much better place now.

With you what is the exact issues you feel. It is definitely natural what you feel, culture shock in so many ways. My advice would be to own your project and fake it until you make it. Tired of typing now but would be happy to talk more with you its the best medicine! Best wishes and big hug. Good topic, I must admit.

I started my PhD in UK with topic that was designed just for me by my supervisors. It was thought that it would be a breeze for me to finish. However, as it unfortunately turned out, the topic was infested with mathematical and physical problems not solved before.

Passed my PhD viva and got my PhD certificate. However, now I feel like empty balloon. In order to get professorship I should publish what I have found out, in the form of papers. But the theory is on almost pages and every mathematical theorem is related to other. On the other hand, the theory broadens some common concepts not to say it challenges some others and I know it is a huge amount of work to get this published.

I dont even know now if I want to do that because I am now getting into business arena and have family to support. I dont even know whether I want to be academic, although I am recognized as brilliant by supervisors and proffesors. I really feel this was waste of effort and years, but hey, PhD looks good on visit cards. Finally, I am saddened because my theories, which are considered really good by authorities in the field, are fetching dust in my study room.

Just a short follow-up to explain my position a bit better. Although I have finished my PhD, I am as well a father of a child with serious medical condition who needs constant medical attention.

Yes he has progressed tremendously and might as well get cured but it costed me and still costs me large amounts of money. That os why I am involved in business arena and my PhD, at the moment, has no meaning to me except in terms of self esteem.

Sorry for pathetic post, but at least I feel relived a bit…. It is nice to have a forum where we can talk about our fears and concerns of failure and quitting. My partner who has been very very supportive of my dream to do my PhD just doesnt understand. A bit about me — doing my PhD part-time and just finished my first year. Found out yesterday that my Confirmation of Candidature is to have been completed by end of the first year even though I am a PT student.

Both supervisors and myself were working on the wrong thinking that I had 2 years. Uni will give me another 6 months to do it in but I dont think my supervisor believes I can do it. OMG the thoughts of quiting vs failure v letting down people is all consuming. Try best you can. Furthermore, six months or a year in total I suppose is not too much of the wasted time.

Perhaps, it may be that Confirmation of Candidature is not bad thing after all, because it does not allow you to pursue fruitless thesis. I think about quitting my PhD every day.

I have a little over a year to go in theory. I know that if I can just tough it out my mentor will help me graduate in 5 years. But the problem is my project has been a complete dead end.

At first, negative experiment after negative experiment was to be expected. Then it was an opportunity to learn about perseverance and become stronger. Then it was an annoyance. All of them tell me to just stick it out. Sorry to hear that Hannah — I can only imagine the raft of feelings you must be dealing with. The people I work with in these units are dedicated professionals and, no doubt, have talked many a PhD student through this kind of crisis.

Alternatively, can you take a break from your PhD and give yourself some headspace? When you are miserable like this it is hard to make decisions. I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do, inger. I came to this post because I quit my Ph. Yes — definitely a dream. I think because US Ph.

Ds tend to be so long especially in my area of the social sciences , you change a lot during this process. For me, that was the reward — the people I met, the experiences I had — rather than the hard-won letters after my name.

Now I am in a completely different career that offers a great deal of flexibility ie. And no one cares if I finished my Ph. Quitting gave me the chance to get started on a new career and to learn a new language at a professional level. That works for my life — I hope you all will find what works for yours. PhD currently in meltdown. Perfectionist who slaved through ugrad, dissertation done, funded MA as a consequence. Finished MA dissertation in August, 5 weeks, 16hr days.

No break, straight into a funded PhD early September. Girlfriend still struggling, stuck in the city I was studying in, putting her career on hold, depressed, delayed grief. Then my problems started to exacerbate the situation — completely drained of motivation, asked to read theoretical work which I was totally unaccustomed to, PhD training classes, first year tutorial leading, and language training.

Got through first year, begin language training again. Now just at the point where I should be getting through my first second year panel. Missed Christmas, missed birthday, not seeing friends, not seeing family, working all the time but not being productive. Need a month holiday. He thinks too much of me. Problem is, no-one can provide academic help. It all adds up into a potent concoction. I still love the archives, I still love history, and can see the beauty of combining dramaturgical sociology with diplomatic history.

It is just beyond my current powers of effort and comprehension to do it. Moreover, I have no interest in fundamental physics at all which is quite opposite from my supervisor.

Then, after that, will I be able to get a postdoc position in a total different field? Will anybody hire me to do something totally different from my PhD topic? Should I or should I not continue this? Demotivation is a real problem — I see more people leave for this reason than any other. Your issue is relatively common and you are early enough in your candidature to change course if this is what you decide to do.

Best of luck with your decision making process. I have come here like everyone else, by doing some research about quitting. I know I am not a slow learner or a dull student. I am stuck with an advisor who is trying really hard to push his wife to get a full time position in the universtiy. She is extremely moody and unclear of her goals and his only interest seems to be to push her goals.

It has been 18 months in the lab with not even a figure to show as my data. I have finished qualifiers successfully and if given at least 6 months of time, I could gather enough data to propose and be a candidate.

But, he refuses to give me time to work I was told on my face that it is not possible. Also, apart from this, I dog sat for them during christmas break since I am anyway not expected to go anywhere out of town I work with stem cells.

My fiance is a PhD student in Albany and we are getting married in December. I asked him when I would finish potentially and I never get a good answer. The talk is that I will be kept till the mx duration of PhD student and then would be let go. I do not want to be a professor and I got into PhD only because I love research. During MS, I quit another crazy cat lady professor and it was the best decision in my life. I am not a serial quitter but unfortunately, universities have more bad Prof.

A PhD student is not meant to be a low paid worker. From the point of view of the institution, the primary reason to have a PhD student is to award a degree. I would take your concerns to the academic in charge of your department. This is but the first step you can take — there will be formal complaints processes you can follow after that if you are not satisfied.

I have confidence in these to sort out problems like yours and encourage you to try this approach before quitting. The program is quite extensive, there are courses and internships and candidacy to be completed even before you start collecting data and defending.

I have done it all. All except, that is, defending. I have had one extension and am now on my first year long compassionate leave of absence. So this is technically year 8 for me now. In all likelihood if I choose to finish I will need another extension once this year is over unless I decide to have a sudden burst of productivity and complete during my leave bringing the grand total up to 9 years just to finish a PhD. I have a 4. I have no interest in academia. My supervisor that I have now not the one prior to candidacy is a sweet, kind and caring man.

I have finished my licensing process for practice as a psychologist where I live, which only required a MA, but involved successfully jumping through additional burning hoops of fire.

And I am so ashamed about this. I have clients, I am starting to build a practice, the money is crap but its getting better and would certainly improve once I finished the phd everyone loves to see a Dr.

For parents validation, to fit in with a family if drs. All the wrong reasons. But I love colour. I love textiles and set design. I have no formal training or experience in design although some informal. The topic I picked for my dissertation is timely and relevant and I picked that too for all the wrong reasons, including that it was something I personally was dealing with at the time. My life is different now. I have felt like quitting for a long time now.

But I feel so ashamed and like all the time was a waste! How did I let it come to this?! I am seriously judging myself as a coward if I stay, and a waster if I quit!

I was in it about the same length of time as you were, so no need to feel ashamed. I hope you will figure out the best course of action — have you as a therapist: They might be able to give you some perspective. Then while paying down some debt, you could take design courses and see whether that really is your passion.

On the other hand, I quit the Ph. I did that and have not looked back. I quit my PhD after many years. I never felt better in my life. I did my graduate studies while keeping a high paying full-time job and a family. It went well with the masters degree and the course load and qualifying exam for the PhD. After that, it just dragged and dragged. Jumping between different research ideas and having a non-experienced supervisor with a few career problems of his own added to the problem for sure, but it was mostly my laziness.

Finishing the PhD became a creature of its own to me. I just have to finish because any of the following: It took me a long time to face the facts. I have an excellent job where I nurture and challenge my research and engineering abilities every day. I just have no drive or purpose for that PhD. It will not advance my career. It will just be another nice frame I hang on the wall next to my other degrees and professional certifications. I am not excited or energetic enough about it!

I hated working on the research point and hated sending reports to my supervisor. I hated our meetings. I just hate it, yet I kept going! Anyway, I did it and I quit. Since then, my focus on my job had doubled to say the least and I had a few big achievements. I am on my way to a promotion soon. I also have time now for my personal hobbies and a long due fitness and reshaping plan. I feel my look at life has been changed and distorted because of the PhD.

Now I am enjoying everything I do without the guilt. I felt guilty about any time I wasted not working on my PhD. I sometimes had nightmares. I hated that weekends came by and gone without my producing any work. I neither enjoyed my time with my family nor work hard enough on my Phd. It was just crazy. The only thing I regret now is that it took me too long to quit. This is not an invitation for people to quit. A PhD is a hard and long project and people have their doubts from time to time.

But for me, it just have no importance. Some people told me I will regret quitting soon enough. John thanks so much for posting this!! I feel very similar — I have a great full-time job aswell, and am also dragging my heels in the PhD for years now see my longer post below! Any regrets a few months after quitting? I really, really hope not! Hi John, I am leaving this note since it mirrors my situation. I have a great job full time teacher and decided 5 years ago to start a Ph.

The first 3 years were great! Finished the course work nicely I might add did the comprehensive exam, and have collected a mound of data that seems to have many positive aspects to it. So what is the problem? Two things I think. First is the almost complete academic isolation no one to bounce ideas off of etc. Since I work full time it is difficult to make it to the campus on a regular basis to feel included. Due to my geographical location I cannot access the texts necessary for the literature review aspect of my work journals I have access on-line.

It seems that one cannot do everything well. But to pick one thing and do it well means the other s have to suffer. I think the biggest problem and the moral of the story is that if you are to pursue a Ph. Personally, I need to quit. I wish deeply I could take that half year off, but economics of my situation says no. Have a goal in mind first. The journal even gave me two extensions without asking, but a total lack of interest finally forced me to realize I had come to the end of my academic career.

I had been thinking of quitting for a couple years but also felt like it would be admitting failure. Taking a full time job helped with the financial part, but put my PhD completely on the back-burner. The funny thing is my wife just quit her job to go back and start a PhD. I joined phd just 3 months ago in one of the best institute in India.

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