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reportage essays on the new world order

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However, the plans laid by the League of Nations were not able to bring about a lasting peace, and in World War II broke out. The widespread destruction experienced by so many countries during the war contributed to far-reaching support for new efforts to establish the United Nations, which succeeded the League of Nations in its efforts to bring about peace and stability internationally. The United Nations Charter institutionalized the key principles upon which the world order would be based: To describe this world order in very general terms, the nations of the world were split into two camps: Antagonism between these two power blocs was intense but never developed into open conflict.

However, the Cold War played out in a number of "hotspots" throughout the world. Each alliance realized that any attempts to change the world order could lead to a nuclear conflict and mutually assured destruction MAD.

With such a threat constantly looming, both sides were wary of any moves to offset this balance of world power.

The demise of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact in the early s radically changed the configuration of global power relationships. The world order that emerged has been described by some as uni-polar ; it was dominated by a single power, the United States.

In this new world order, questions arose as to how to create a "balance of power," or maintain stability around the world. Debate focused on the role the United States should play in bringing about world peace. This is a debate that continues in national and international politics today, and greatly influences the extent to which the United States is focused on foreign relations.

Some theories about the world order which relate to September Social scientists have offered various theories to explain the current and future world order. In the field of international relations, there are several theories that are well known and relate to discussions following September While some theoreticians aim to predict the future world order, others consider what the world should look like, and suggest approaches that can be taken to achieve these ends.

Below are some examples of different views that scholars of international relations have express on the topic of world order:. In his influential and controversial work, Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order , Samuel Huntington theorized that in the post-Cold War world order, cultural divides would be the source of conflict in the world.

He identified eight "civilizations" in the world and argued that the new world order would be threatened by clashes between these groups. Some have argued that Huntington had predicted this inevitable divide between Islam and the West. However, most social scientists - including Huntington, who clarified his view following the attacks - do not consider that the "clash of civilizations" theory adequately explains September 11 and its aftermath.

Many argue instead that radical Islamic movements are more indicative of "clashes" within Islam than between "global" Islam and "western civilization.

Dominance of western liberalism shaping the world order: Thousands of the new world order essays, and ideas in orrder at essays. Home; research papers on new world order; you; reportage essays on the new world order New world order research paper.

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Reportage essays on the new world order.

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